Grounded Growth

Bella Gluten-Free is participating in a Grounded Growth Regenerative Agriculture Partnership. The result is that 1% of the net sales for all of our products will fund the expansion of regenerative agriculture practices on a U.S. farm. 

Regenerative agriculture is a farming system that has the ability to create healthier soils, better water quality, more biodiversity and more nutrient-dense food while reducing the amount of synthetic chemicals and fertilizer needed over time. This way of farming also helps to mitigate climate change by storing a major greenhouse gas (carbon dioxide) as carbon underground.

It is important to us at Bella Gluten-Free to support a way of farming that restores rather than depletes the Earth’s resources and mitigates climate change in the process. Grounded Growth and Bella Gluten-Free stand ready to serve as a resource to educate and engage our customers, and to further our mission of preserving our beautiful planet.


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"The data strongly suggests that we can actually reverse climate change, not simply slow it down. And while different studies may use different formulas to measure impact the overall results should generate hope to anyone looking to prevent climate change from worsening. . .

Studies from a variety of universities and science-based institutions have shown that by restoring the health of industrially degraded soil we can draw down between 1 ton of carbon per hectare per year (Rattan Lal, study Ohio State link) and 9 tons (Richard Teague Texas A&M) depending on a variety of factors. . .

In the United States alone, for example, restoring the one billion hectares of farmland would result in an annual drawdown of three billion tons of carbon.”

The Carbon Underground